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Thursday, April 14, 2011

QueerCampus India (QCI)- Delhi public meeting- April 16, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011
2PM - 4PM

2, Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi

◄QueerCampus India invites you to join us for our public meeting at Yodakin Bookstore ►

Our regular public meetings are informal support spaces for queer youth. And we wholeheartedly invite participation from everyone who believes in what we stand for! This is your space to speak your mind, share your experiences with respect to coming out to family, friends, realization of your sexuality, your specific interests or what you expect from a queer youth support group like QCI.


At this meeting we'll look forward to discussing coming out in the context of our families. How should one do it? Is there a 'right time'? How to help them understand things? It's a difficult process for you and your family. We'll talk about such questions from the point of view of our own experiences and thoughts. We'll also share and talk about some relevant texts/material on this topic taken from books, magazines, movies etc.

We also invite participation in terms of getting involved with the group, for eg. coordinating our events and managing the groundwork for new ideas that we're coming up with. This aspect will also be discussed at the meet.


YODAKIN is a bookstore which is an independent publishing house that focuses on urban studies, sexuality and gender, among other subjects. Yodakin is a Queer-friendly space and will be hosting this QCI meeting and more in the future.


Contact us: qcampus.india@gmail.com

Sambhav, QCI member (9999096097)

The venue can easily be reached by a 10 min walk from the nearest metro stations i.e. Green Park.

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